During the last years we have heard a lot about Corporate Welfare, direct benefits for employees and indirect for the entrepreneur. Besides the tax reductions regulated by the legislation, there are other many activities that an entrepreneur can apply to improve the well-being of the employees and consequently their spirit and their loyalty. An easy example is the introduction of Smart Lockers for personal employee online.


The main objectives that we want to achieve thanks to our solution are:

  • Allow employees to have personal purchases made with ecommerce delivered to the company

  • Simplify the delivery of parcels by the warehouse worker or reception

  • Manage the delivery of meals by the canteen service

  • Manage the custody of clothes or work tools

Who it is for

  • Large companies

  • Small - Medium businesses

A versatile solution

The PickIT UP smart lockers solution is completely modular and therefore you can create your ideal composition to meet any need: receive parcels or refrigerated grocery.

“Even if many people talk about welfare and want to introduce it into the company, then the bureaucracy limits the initiatives. But beyond what the legislator has foreseen, sometimes the little things are the simplest to implement and most appreciated!”

How it works

Operation is simple and intuitive: the goods are stored in one of the available drawers and the employee is advised that they are available for collection. In order to collect them he can use QR code, SMS or company badge. When the employee gets the notification, he can go to the Smart Locker and pick them up at the time of the day most convenient for him. The lockers can all be placed in the same place, or in different places – for example in case of multiple branches – or even in different cities. All are connected to the central server which allows you to remotely check the status, make changes and give permissions with different access levels if necessary.

Management and control software

The Pick IT UP management software is the heart of the application: it allows you to manage and monitor all the connected lockers. On the management dashboard you can clearly check the status of each drawer: available/occupied – closed/opened, etc. In this last case the system logs can verify by whom analyzing the credentials used. The software can be integrated into existing solutions and allows you to choose the most suitable “key” to access the locker: password, QR code, RFID tag!

How it is composed

Each solution must have at least one master column that manages the lockers. Then you can have additional columns for the collection and storage of objects. The software is included in all solutions. A master column can manage up to 8 different modules, completely combinable with each other: different drawer sizes, temperaturecontrolled, refrigerated or freezer cabinets. The steel walls of the various modules are available in different colors.

Master column that can manage up to 8 modules
Temperature controlled lockers
Refrigerated cabinets or Freezers