One of the slogans most loved for its meaning, namely the delivery of a complete service, now takes on a new meaning and seems to have a negative connotation. So how can we continue to guarantee excellent service without encouraging contact between people and possibly contagion? With our key management solution with smart lockers it is not only possible but you can also improve the customer experience by avoiding not only contact but also waiting.


The main objective to be achieved with the solution is the management of the collection and delivery of cars in self-service mode. In this way it will be possible:

  • Avoid contact between customers and between customers and staff

  • Improve business efficiency with clear definition of flows

  • Further loyalty to customers by improving the waiting experience

  • Always have a clear view of cars waiting by a general dashboard

Who it is for

  • Car dealers

  • Officine

  • Bodywork

A versatile solution

The solution of intelligent lockers Pick It Up, completely modular and modular according to your needs, allows you to satisfy all types of delivery, not just keys. It is possible to manage the delivery of spare parts to the workshop as well as business tools.

“With our solution you will always know what the situation of the cars in the square is, whether it is company fleets as well as cars to be repaired. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of it before!”

How does it work

The operation is simple and intuitive: the customer books his appointment and receives a QR Code via sms or email. He goes to the dealer and after parking the car he goes to the smart locker and opens a locker by bringing the QR Code closer to the appropriate reader. Put the key in the lock and close the door. This is the only time when the customer touches a common object, if you want you can also decide to leave disposable gloves available. After the operation, the dealer receives an alert that the key is available. The return of the key can be done in the same way.

Management and control software

The PickIT UP management software is the heart of the application: it allows you to manage and monitor all the connected lockers. The status of the individual lockers is always clear from the management dashboard: available / occupied – closed / open etc. You are promptly informed if the products have been deposited as well as if they have been pick up. And the system logs certify by whom it was used based on which credentials were used. Specifically, you can view:

  • License plate

  • Pick-up and return date and time

  • Pin used

The software can be integrated into pre-existing solutions and allows you to choose the most suitable “key” to access the locker: password, QR CODE, RFID Tag or smartphone!

How it is made up

Each solution must consist of a control unit, which in this case includes 100 drawers, and the software. It is possible to connect a second module with additional 120 drawers of the same size or alternatively you can choose a different additional module with larger boxes.
Customizable: the customer can choose up to two different colors for his solution, one color for the frame and another for the doors.

100 drawers + Software
120 additional drawers
Different add-on module with larger box size