Want to build a luggage storage solution with smart lockers? Want a modular and scalable solution at any time? Pick IT UP is the locker solution designed to simplify the realization of your business. The Pick IT UP solution allows your customers or users to leave their luggage safe and secure for as long as necessary without the use of dedicated staff.


The main objectives that we want to achieve thanks to our solution are:

  • Add an activity that can be an additional source of income

  • Improve customer experience with quality customer service

  • Reduce contact between staff and customers

  • Differentiate itself from the competition

  • Reduce your operating costs

  • Harmonise and maximise storage space

Who it is for

  • Museums, fairs, entertainment venues

  • Stations, accommodation, facilities, hotels and residences

A versatile solution

The Pick IT UP solution can be totally modulated in order to adapt to the spaces and needs of every situation. You can choose between different combinations, both for the number of columns and for the number and size of individual boxes.
The solution consists of a master column and other columns with boxes for depositing luggage and can be upgraded by adding other boxes of different sizes and also other applications such as device charging.

“With Pick IT UP customers and users can enjoy their free time in complete freedom without having to carry their luggage, bags or personal items with the risk of losing or damaging them”

How it works

The operation is simple and intuitive: the user accesses the locker through a personal code that allows him to open only the lockers associated with him. At the time of identification, the user chooses among those available boxes with the most suitable sizes for items to be left, if payment is expected, select the expected duration of use and make the payment. During the period of occupation of the box the user can decide to open the box to recover objects or to store others without concluding the use.
From the control platform you can monitor the status of all lockers, with the ability to set alerts in case the contents of the box is not pick up or returned within a certain period of time. The lockers can be placed in the same space or in different places, even in different cities, allowing for example the simultaneous management of the lockers of several structures at the same time.
All are connected to the central server that allows you to control them remotely, make changes and assign different levels of authorization.

Management and control software

Pick IT UP management software is the heart of the application: it allows you to manage and monitor all the connected lockers and in case of temperature controlled lockers also allows you to manage the temperature. The status of the individual boxes is always clear from the management panel: available/busy – closed/open, etc. The system logs certify by whom the credentials were used.
The software can be integrated into existing solutions and allows you to choose the most suitable “key” to access the boxes: password, QR Code, RFID tags!

How it is made up

Each solution must be composed of at least one master column that manages the lockers, if you want you can add additional columns for the collection and storage of objects and software. A master columns can manage up to 8 different modules, completely combinable with each other both different for the meauserements of the boxes but also between those at controlled temperature: refrigerated or freezer.
The walls of the standard version are signal white (RAL 9003) but waiting a bit more for delivery you can choose a different color.