More and more workers are required to use a company device to carry out their activities: terminals, portable receipt printers, tablets, very expensive tools or simply a notebook. Sometimes these devices are given exclusively to an employee, but this is not always the case or it is not always a choice. Thanks to our smart lockers it is possible to easily manage the storage and safekeeping of peripheral devices making them available to other operators.


The main objectives that we want to achieve thanks to our solution are:

  • Monitor the use of corporate devices

  • Make them available on the spot, especially in the case of contracts or subcontracting

  • Store and recharge them

  • Greater efficiency and lower costs

Who it is for

  • Facility Management

  • Public transport

  • Garages

A versatile solution

The solution of intelligent lockers Pick It Up, completely modular and modular according to your needs, allows you to store devices of different types and recharge them thanks to the predisposition for electric recharging.
Composed of a touch monitor and 16 drawers of different sizes to contain the different units, in addition to storing the stored objects, also the electric recharge so as to find them ready for use when they are picked up. It is possible to add up to 8 other modules of 20 boxes by checking them from the master column.
The solution is completed by the software that allows you to manage and monitor all the locker states: open / closed – free / busy and also temperature intervention.


“With our solution never again discharged or untraceable terminals, after using it you can store in your box and is available for the next shift or employee!”

How does it work

Operation is simple and intuitive: the instruments are stored in the cabinets and if necessary connected to the appropriate cables for electric recharging. The list of persons authorized to pick up is imported into the system and associated with it is a “key” to open which can be the company badge as well as a password. The user goes to the smart locker, selects the collection function and identifies himself, after which he picks up the terminal. To store it must do the same procedure but selecting delivery. From the control desktop you can monitor the status of the lockers and you can set alerts for the non-return after a fixed period of time, such as the shift.
The lockers can all be placed in the same place, inside the shopping center or in different places, even in different cities. All are connected to the central server which allows you to remotely check the status and make changes and give permissions with different access levels if necessary.

Management and control software

The Pick It UP management software is the heart of the application: it allows you to manage and monitor all the connected lockers. The status of the individual lockers is always clear from the management dashboard: available / occupied – closed / open, etc. The system logs certify by whom on the basis of which credentials have been deposited or pick up. The software can be integrated into existing solutions and allows you to choose the most suitable “key” to access the locker: password, QR COD or RFID Tag!

How it is made up

Each solution consists of a touch monitor and 16 drawers of different sizes to contain different peripherals, in addition to storing the stored objects, it also allows electric recharging so as to find them ready for use upon collection. It is possible to add up to 8 other modules of 20 boxes by controlling them from the master column. The basic module of the smart locker is 1,980 m high to which the height of the adjustable feet must be added (from 60 to 80 mm) and is 90 cm wide. The steel walls of the various modules are available in different colors.

Touch Screen Monitor + 16 drawers of different sizes
8 modules of 20 additional boxes