Any mistrust that the Italian could have with the use of eCommerce has definitely fallen. Many people rely on various sites for the purchase of clothes, devices or household items. But the food? Also on food, the trend is increasing considerably but with various difficulties due to the perishable nature of the product to be delivered and consequently to the delivery times. Not everyone lives in an area covered by delivery, or they are always present in the house in order to collect the groceries.


The main objectives that we want to achieve thanks to our solution are:

  • Increase online sales

  • Make the online shopping service accessible to more people

  • Further loyalty to customers

  • Achieve these goals while keeping costs down

Who it is for

  • GDO: Food and non-food

A versatile solution

The solution of intelligent lockers Pick It Up, completely modular and modular according to your needs, allows you to satisfy all types of delivery, food and non-food. Composed of a master column and different refrigerated or freezer cabinets to contain any type of product.
The solution is completed by the software that allows you to manage and monitor all the locker states: open / closed – free / busy and also to intervene on the temperature.

“With our solution, online shopping has no limits, it will be accessible to everyone regardless of the area of residence. An indispensable tool for sprinting ecommerce!”

How does it work

Operation is simple and intuitive, the products are stored in one of the available lockers and the customer is informed that the product is available. You decide what to enable for the collection of the products: QR Code, sms or card. When the customer receives the notice that the goods are available, he goes to the place where the assigned box is present and picks up, comfortably at the time of the day most comfortable for him.
The lockers can all be placed in the same place, inside the shopping center or in different places, even in different cities. All are connected to the central server which allows you to remotely check the status and make changes and give permissions with different access levels if necessary.

Management and control software

The Pick It UP management software is the heart of the application, it allows you to manage and monitor all the connected lockers, in the case of temperature controlled lockers it also allows you to manage the temperature. The status of the individual lockers is always clear from the management dashboard: available / occupied – closed / open, etc. The system logs certify by whom they were used based on which credentials you use. The software can be integrated into pre-existing solutions and allows you to choose the most suitable “key” to access the locker: password, QR Code or RFID Tag!

How it is made up

Each solution must consist of at least one master column that manages the lockers, additional columns for the collection and storage of objects and software. A master column can manage up to 8 different modules, completely combinable with each other: different sizes of the boxes, temperature-controlled, refrigerated or freezer cabinets. The steel walls of the various modules are available in different colors.

Master column that can manage up to 8 modules
Temperature controlled lockers
Refrigerated cabinets or Freezers