More and more companies are deciding to implement the Click & Collect service to allow their customers to purchase products online and collect them at the point of sale or other collection points designated for this purpose.
This purchase model exploits the advantages of the integration between the online channel – ecommerce – and the physical point of sale, which does not necessarily have to be the store.
Thanks to the use of smart lockers it is in fact possible to propose collection to customers in other places to replicate the experience of the physical store even where it is not present.


The main advantages of our solution are:

  • Reduce or eliminate shipping costs

  • Simplify collection operations at the points of sale by avoiding interaction with staff

  • Increase the availability hours for collection

  • Increase the presence and visibility in the territory in the case of lockers outside the point of sale

  • Simplification of returns operations

Who it is for

  • Cash & Carry

  • Retail

  • Shop online

  • GDO

A versatile solution

The Pick IT UP solution is totally modular in order to adapt to the spaces and needs of every situation.
You can choose between different combinations, both for the number of columns and for the number and size of the individual boxes.
The solution consists of a master columns and other columns with boxes to deposit objects. The solution can be upgraded by adding other oclumns containing boxes of different sizes.

“With Pick IT UP the Click & Collect management is much easier! Customers feel much more comfortable if they withdraw directly to the company and the operation is very fast”

How it works

Operation is simple and intuitive:

  • The user at the time of order chooses as the pick-up place one of the available lockers

  • The system administrator checks the availability of the boxes necessary to contain purchases

  • The person in charge inserts the objects in the boxes and sends the PIN to open the locker to those who made the purchase

  • The customer receives an sms with which he advises that the goods are ready for the withdrawal and the PIN to use in order to withdraw the purchases

The lockers can all be placed in the same place, or in different places if yo uhave multiple branches, even in different cities. All are connected to the central server that allows you to remotely control the status and make changes and give permissions with different access levels if necessary.

Management and control software

The management software of Pick IT UP is the heart of the application: it allows you to manage and monitor all the connected locker and in the case of temperature controlled lockers also allows you to manage the temperature. From the management dashboard it is always clear the status situation of the individual boxes: available / occupied – closed / open, etc. The system logs certify by whom on the basis of which credentials have been used. The software can be integrated into existing solutions and allows you to choose the most suitable “key” to access the locker: password, QR Code, RFID tag!

How it is composed

Each solution must be composed of at least one master column that manages the boxes, if you want you can add additional columns for the collection and storage of objects and software.
A master columns can handle up to 8 different modules, completely combinable with each other both for the only measurements of the boxes but also among those at controlled temperature: refrigerated or freezer.
The walls of the standard version are signal white (RAL 9003) but waiting a little longer for delivery you can choose a different color.

Colonna master che può gestire sino a 8 moduli
Armadietti a temperatura controllata
Armadietti Refrigerati o Freezer
Armadietto colore bianco segnale (RAL 9003)